Tinnitus Sound Therapy With Rain | Tinnitus Treatment & Cure | Good Vibes

Tinnitus Sound Therapy With Rain | Tinnitus Treatment & Cure | Good Vibes
*Tinnitus Sound Therapy With Rain* | *Tinnitus Treatment & Cure* presented by Good Vibes ( Binaural Beats Meditation )

This peaceful rain sound helps you to escape from the irritating ringing sound or so called tinnitus sound in the ear.

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25 Responses to Tinnitus Sound Therapy With Rain | Tinnitus Treatment & Cure | Good Vibes

  1. Sandra Boletchek

    Thank you very helpful.

  2. heather dawn pipke

    I have tinnitus and I am looking for relief.
    It feels like I might jump out of my skin sometimes.
    The ringing ,swishing , ticking , heartbeats etc I’m get it all the time has annoyed me for a long time .
    so is been short with people and am in chronic pain too I have a curved spine also .
    The ringing I hear can be stopped by white noise so I’m giving your videos a shot and I’ll share some videos too as I listen .
    Maybe help another with this thing …tinnitus
    thank-you namaste 💁🐝🐝🐝

  3. heather dawn pipke

    I’ll be back thank-you so much

  4. Joe Borrelli

    Love this one the most! Wondering what volume to play it at? I have heard it should match the volume of the ringing in ears. Thanks.

  5. Sound Effects & More By Madeline Collette

    I cured my tinnitus with sound therapy and it worked took me  2 years and 3 months. My tinnitus slowly went away. As I was healing some weeks I would only have tinnitus for  four days out of seven. Be patient it worked for me….I remember when I first started my sound therapy I had to have the volume up real high over the months it got lower and lower the volume then it went away the tinnitus. I thank God so much…. I pray for all of you from my heart who have tinnitus. I hope and pray in Jesus name you will be healed hang in there…

  6. Pete Cash

    your a God send just laid with eyes shut playing this….OMG PEACE AT LAST FROM THE ETERNAL RINGING! thankyou so much 🙂

  7. Robert Jenkins

    Is there some bubliminal sounds mixed in with this which is supposed to be a “therapy” for tinnitus and not simply “masking”?….. thanks

  8. stephenbru

    I recently started with Tinnitus and it has been pure Hell for me  the last few weeks!..I never felt so alone and isolated because of the constant loud high pitch sound in my head 24/7!I Thank you for making this video because I think it just may help me!!! My heart goes out to all of you who suffers from this terrible medical condition called Tinnitus…Is their anything to help with the panic attacks that I am also having?..I would appreciate any info from others about my situation…God Bless all of you!!!!…..

  9. Ceren

    this works like a miracle! thanks a lot!

  10. Dee Dee Michele

    I have had tinnitus for a few years now which develops into vertigo and that is TERRIBLE!… my ear has been ringing very loud today and I began to get dizzy and slightly nauseous. I listened to this as I laid on my bed with my eyes closed and it really helped me!. no more dizziness and nausea and low ringing will listen to this more often, God bless you!

  11. MacFarland Pickard

    I’ve had tinnitus for 47 years (Viet Nam) and have a high pitch ring, about 10 khz, and am seeking relief…hope I can find some. this at least partially blocks it, maybe more.

  12. Danaet Gang

    I have tinnitus for 7 months but just one left side of my ears. and now I can’t hear on that side……so can this sound bring my hearing back..,? please kindly reply

  13. omahoneyd


  14. Richard Barkley

    It is my understanding that one must first figure out what Hz their Tinnitus at in order to try the proper sound therapy…..

  15. Sound Effects & More By Madeline Collette

    God Bless all of you who suffer with tinnitus…I had it for a little over 2 years and it went away…….It went away gradually…….I used sound therapy like the one above……water and rain sounds worked for me……….Hugs xoxxo ……….Jesus help those with tinntius and give them comfort and relief….My ent said my tinntius was caused by an ear infection and it would go away with time……It gradually went away after about six months I only had it for maybe four days a week…..It kept getting less and less until 2 years and a few months later……It got less and less and lower and lower and the cricket and heart beat sound left…..I thank God and my doctors

  16. Levent Cetin

    God bless you all everybody I hope that I will get victorious over it because I suffer from it since three months

  17. Anat Agami

    I’m trying , it helps while listening to it louder than the Tinnitus but once I’m done it returns , I listen every day and still hoping to get rid of this nasty curse ..

  18. Aliya Sadaf

    Really soothing 👍

  19. Saifullah Khan

    let me try it.

  20. Diane Kaylor

    tinnitus is so horrible. add insomnia pain and alone to much. want my life back sure most want silence in the ears

  21. Carlos Imperial

    Tinnitus can be the result of way too many things, certain therapy may work for some people but not for others depending on the root(s) of the problem, in other words, there’s not a standard cure for tinnitus as tinnitus itself might be a symptom caused by the malfunction of an internal organ like the liver or kidney, other causes include sinus, high cholesterol,spleen problems, etc in chinese traditional medicine, they relate tinnitus to kidney failure or malfunction, drinking plenty of water and following a detoxification program has really helped me lower my tinnitus, i have gone days without hearing it and when it comes back is not as loud as the previous last time, it has taken me months trying to follow a healthier diet but it is worth it

  22. Anna Inspain

    Also good for blocking noisy neighbours in an apartment with tissue-paper walls.

  23. MichelleVa 77

    Thank you

  24. Ariel Bradt

    Recently I got this hearing loss remedy “fetching kamkam site” (Google it) for my dear grandmother who is slightly losing her hearing. She decided to try them and did so following the instructions. It`s been a few weeks and I noticed that she has not been asking individuals to repeat what they were saying, and she keeps saying her hearing is a lot more clear, also.

  25. neni90p

    😀 😀 😀