Nathan Trent – Good Vibes

Nathan Trent – Good Vibes
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Music/Lyrics/Composition: Nathan Trent


Production/Mixing: Mad Cat

Video Production: Performance Picture Entertainment,
based in Vienna, Austria

Shot with Panasonic Varicam35

Production Manager: Andreas Reischl
Camera/Cutter: David Horswell
DIT/Grader: Philipp Buchinger
Set Assistant/MOF: Alex Filipp

Final mixing/ Mastering: Kevin Grainer


Special Thanks to:
Livia Wrede –
Sailbrace –
Prater GmbH
Jelly Joker


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38 Responses to Nathan Trent – Good Vibes

  1. Esc Τony

    Amazing song.

  2. Helena Krause

    Hi Lívia

  3. Αιμιλία Σπύρου

    I love your songs!!!! 💗💗💗💗

  4. Julian Piller

    richtig geiler song

  5. Shime PP

    This guy Is Full of good vibes❤️

  6. Camilla Copetti

    Ti auguro tutto il meglio con questa canzone, perché te lo meriti

  7. pogodziej

    Could he please be so kind and stop being so insanely hot? It’s distracting!

  8. Nils Berndt

    Irgendwie sind seine Bewegungen komisch 😂😂😂

  9. Anna Sophie

    Super geiles Lied 🙂

  10. Таня Михайлишин

    Aaaaah it is so perfect

  11. FFL OO

    i love this song soooooo

  12. Deep Flow

    super song but post-Eurovision thing rarely work… wish you the best though 😉

  13. L Assist

    I am just worried they are forcing him to pretend he is straight. Like, I would totally feel odd to pretend I like a girl…

  14. FNDM ESC

    that thumbnail..

  15. EXO 999999

    #Arab ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Skatecate 7

    Sooo cooool! Liebe den Song und das Video! 😀 Hamma

  17. Cyprian Radomski

    Beautiful song!!! Nathan you are Amazing! 😍😍😍👌👌👌

  18. Melissa Dreyer


  19. TNGDJ

    I love the song and your voice

  20. سيوفي منذر

    اشترك في قناتي استربح على١٠٠٠مشترك

  21. Little Legend

    I love this song!

  22. FN

    Schade, dass du nicht soviele Fans hast, denn deine Musik ist super. Hätte mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient.

  23. britney gordon

    I seriously love this guy

  24. Pandeme 111

    Extremely better than Running on Air…

  25. Sarah K. R.

    Super geiles Lied Nash! Livia und du harmonieren einfach hammermäßig! Richtiger Ohrwurm der Song, einfach toll!😊

  26. Nataniel Rogut

    Realy good song !

  27. bry zone

    Je suis fan de ta musique good musique Nathan

  28. Sara della Torre di Valsassina

    Complimentissimi!!!! E’ proprio stupenda questa canzone! Sbaciuzz da Roma :*

  29. Levi

    I didnt think he was straight xD

  30. SirLifeCraft

    naja an dein erstes lied kommts nicht dran

  31. Соломія Гладиш

    Nathan, you are a very positive person, talented!) You only give a smile on your lips! Song super) Love you, from Ukraine)

  32. Habara Tutti

    super arbeit, verdient mehr als 124000 klicks

  33. Boopylettuce Square

    He sounds like he being friends zone by her but he try to become more than friends

  34. Dark Shadow

    Ohrwurm izz da

  35. Yasmin Maree

    hey, i love your songs! i would love to collab!

  36. Wais Azizan

    Come here because this is my iphone ringtone 😀

  37. princesse or

    Superbe chansons belle voix belles chansons