Kimie – Good Vibes

Kimie – Good Vibes
Good Vibes: Bm, A, G

Good Vibes filled the air
All of Jah’s people were there
I fell for your stare

The beat started grooving
We all started moving
You lift your feet off the ground
To the drum and the bass line sound

I fell into a trance
It was the sweetest romance
I fell for your good vibes

I’ve seen you before
These feeling I’ve tried to ignore
It’s you I adore


They turn the lights down low
We’re taken it real slow


You’re good, you’re good, you’re good vibes…

FTC: I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. Shes an awesome singer and everyone should listen to her ;]


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18 Responses to Kimie – Good Vibes

  1. Kahaku Kaikane

    I’m addicted to this song. 🙂

  2. Genesis Toralba

    Omg!! I miss this sing…its been yrs…I love it!

  3. Genesis Toralba


  4. CataroniAndCheese

    You’re getting so many views lately because I keep listening to this song <3

  5. DanGan808

    She sings this live really good too

  6. AnthonJohn

    ive been listening to this song since myspace days! it never gets old and never fails to calm me down

  7. Nicolas Carillat

    Hi Kimie! I love this song. Your voice is amazing! Nico

  8. mmlopez02

    The most amazing song ever!

  9. mmlopez02

    …Still amazing! This song made my top favorites that ill love forever

  10. tylinn

    Love this song, have it as my ringtone. 3

  11. Nicolas Carillat

    Kimie you give me so much good vibes..

  12. Lance Thornall

    in love

  13. Kalena Rodero-Workman


  14. Billy Keys

    would have liked to do more with you but I feel like I was dismissed and not really appreciated. I’m glad at least you made friends with Rob and Nicole good luck with that.

  15. The realest


  16. Prevailing Logic

    glad i found this tasty nugget of amazement

  17. Susan Denise Saldivar

    I fell in love with this song on MySpace and 11 years later I still love it !

  18. Kahaku Kaikane

    I wish I could buy this iTunes!!!