All Yours | Chill Mix (R&B, Chill Trap Music)

All Yours | Chill Mix (R&B, Chill Trap Music)
400,000 subscribers came so quickly & as always I have a mix in celebration for hitting this huge achievement. Big thanks to Tyrez for making this amazing Chill Mix with some sexy R&B, Chill Trap vibes.

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11 Responses to All Yours | Chill Mix (R&B, Chill Trap Music)

  1. smileycanada13

    Baby girl, youre the only one I have ever truly loved. When I see you suffer from within your brain, I cripple with unbearable pain… I’d do anything to protect you, but it kills me to know I cannot protect yourself from the demon inside you. Lover, how I wish I could rip the black veil that hinders you so I could hear your heavenly laugh and see your mesmerizing eyes again. Only Lord knows how much I want to hold you once again.

  2. Trap Mech

    *Here’s like Twenty tracklists..*

  3. Sharks Games

    Yeah amazing mix

  4. Odai Jabari

    That nigga in the background kept ahhing and ruined the fucking song, fuck off!

  5. Owen Cowan

    Anyone who reads below…

    Have a great day! 👍

  6. 吃嫩草糖糖


  7. Alexis Callahan

    you can download audio from youtube videos on WeLike from the app store!!! ( your welcome! ;))

  8. Carlos Tovar


  9. Princess Charlee

    Literally going to listen to this in school

  10. Slick -YT

    This gets me in my feelings