Abraham Blue – Good Vibes (J-Louis Remix)

Abraham Blue – Good Vibes (J-Louis Remix)
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Abrahamblue – Good Vibes (J-Louis Remix)


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13 Responses to Abraham Blue – Good Vibes (J-Louis Remix)

  1. dynmk

    This could go on forever.

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  2. Kyra Ann

    My fav YouTube channel 😍 always have the best post. Keep it up👍

  3. Rene Hernandez


  4. butcherboy72

    On God this is beautiful.

  5. Veronika Andreeva

    what music genre is this?

  6. CypressLobbiez RTM

    i like this one and tag me on a other one like this

  7. Dj El D

    J Louis is the best new drummer of the trap/soul!!!!

  8. rufflove100

    Beautiful sound

  9. chae monroe

    i really love this

  10. analyse c

    love it

  11. 8910 111213

    I came from a meme who else ? 😂😂

  12. I have to agree with you but

    “when she’s a mess , but she’s your mess”

  13. AyJoeyBenafooko 2

    When your girls a mess but she’s your mother fucking mess